After a car accident,

I get so irritated about anything.

People say my personality has changed much.

 After a subarachnoid hemorrhage operation,

I feel strange for everything all the time.

My wife(husband) is acting wierd and different
          after an brain injury.

   I get so nervous when talking, writing and working.
        But I don't know why....

You might have an after-effect called Higher Brain Dysfunction. This could happen to who has had an operaion in the brain or gets some damage on the brain by falling or beading.. If you think onto something about above, we recommend visiting and having a talk with support group near your hometown.Click the first button one the left list and find the nearest support group and Rehabilitation Center in Japan.

Furthermore, symptoms could be seen like below,

who gets tense in regular life

who comes to angry easily

who becomes often shout abusive language

who get lost in your neighborhood

whom the boss gets mad at every time

who gets childish in acting and talking

who comes to dependent

who comes to  no sense of money

who comes to  no control of emotion

Focus of this site,

 We would like to exchange the information regarding Higher Brain Dysfunction support system worldwide. That is why we place this English page. Please contact us and let's have a comunication and make it better.

We would like to give an information to those who are (in Japan) suffering from Higher Brain Dysfuntion without knowing what it is. And then let them know and visit the nearest support center  and hospital in their home as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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